Book Review

Sent: Wed, Jul 25, 2012 5:21 pm
Subject: Awesome Book

Awesome book!!! I too am a coach at a small school in Mississippi. I actually
got into coaching in 2002 as an assistant and coached for 4 years and decided to
get out of education. Didn’t think it was for me. After being out of coaching
for 5 years I missed not only the game but I missed the kids too. So this past
school year I decided to get back into coaching. It was my first head coaching
job and I took over a program that had made it to the state playoffs but just
couldn’t get over the hump to make a run. Well a few months back we started our
season 0-4. I too felt the same way you did your 1st year. We fought our way
back to .500 pretty quick an long story made short, we got on a run and got hot
going into the state playoffs. Started to click and made it to the Class 2A
state championship. In game 1 we faced a pitcher that was 8-0 with an era 0.23
coming into that game. Well we beat him 3-2 an then went on to win game 2 and
won the state championship in my first year. That is a quick story about myself.
Really enjoyed your book. If you ever have any free time you can actually watch
our state championship games online on YouTube. Just search Bruce Trojan
Baseball and you should find the state championship games. Thanks for everything
you did for us coaches.

Josh Dowdy

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