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Legendary Former Notre Dame Football Coach praises book

“Being a football coach I can certainly understand the difficulties an individual has in motivating their team to do the very best at all times.It is even more difficult when you are an above knee double amputee. Consequently, I found David Vince’s book to be inspiring, informative, […]

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Hall of Fame Catcher Johnny Bench calls book “inspirational”

Hall of Fame Catcher Johnny Bench recently offered his support for David’s upcoming book. “Indeed, you should keep swinging for the fences,” Bench said. “David has a very inspirational book that made me so proud of his tenacity and love for baseball. I hope his story will […]

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Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon praises book

“While David has helped develop the careers of a number of players who have gone on to the college and professional ranks, it’s impossible to measure the impact he’s had on the lives of all the kids he’s coached,” Maddon said. “After playing for him, how could […]

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